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Utility Locating and GIS Mapping

Modern utilities are crucial to everyday business operations, from gas and electricity to power buildings and machinery, to water for drinking and irrigation, to fiber optic cables for telecommunication, and more. However, it can be a challenge to maintain the integrity of an underground utility. Subsurface utility maps aren’t always updated after utilities are moved and they can quickly become out of date. Gudenkauf Corporation provides services in this important field, including site surveying and mapping, to ensure your utility information is always correct. We have the equipment and personnel necessary to locate any underground utility, helping to protect your most critical infrastructure.

Site Surveys and GIS Mapping

A geographic information system is technology that is used to capture and display location-based information and is applicable in a wide range of industries. In surveying and utility locating, it is used to find buried utility lines – including water, electrical, gas, telecommunication, and sewage – and see them in the form of interactive maps. These maps can be viewed individually or as multiple maps layered together, depending on the information your engineering team needs for your project. GIS makes it easy to see and understand where your utilities are currently located so you and your team can make educated decisions.

Locating & GIS

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Proper utility detection is crucial to project success. When you need to accurately identify the location of energy, water, and telecommunication routes, contact Gudeknkauf Corporation for service you can trust. Our professional team is made up of trained, skilled personnel with plenty of experience who are ready to get the job done right and in a timely manner. We use only high-quality utility detection equipment to ensure accurate readings and reports, whether your cables are located under dirt, concrete, or other materials. This way, when you start a project, you know you won’t be digging into areas that should be left alone. We also value a positive customer experience, so you can expect exceptional customer service when working with Gudenkauf Corporation. Contact us today to learn more about how our mapping and survey services can benefit your business

Locating & GIS