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Structured Cabling

Gudenkauf Systems designs and installs structured cabling for commercial, educational, and industrial networks. Structured Cabling Systems (SCS) should be designed and installed by a by a reputable company that employs BICSI certified individuals. The BICSI staff should include an RCDD for the design and BICSI Technicians and Installers for the installation.

What is structured cabling?

Structured cabling is a system that is installed per codes (NEC) and standards (EIA/TIA) which allows interoperability among different technologies. Structured Cabling is comprised of both fiber and copper cables. With the advances in technology many different types of systems can be supported if the system is designed and installed properly.

The Advantages

  • Less down time
  • Being able to run different types of technologies
  • Computer networks
  • LED lighting
  • Building automation
  • Camera systems
  • Security Systems
  • IPTV

With all the advances in the IP and IoT (Internet of Things) world, the customer needs to find a company to partner with that can guide them through the choices of today and help them design their SCS (Structured Cabling System) to fit their needs for today and the future.

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