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What is a fleet manager?

Telecommunications companies in the state of Ohio require a great deal of planning in order to be successful. Equipment must be functioning and available, employees must be engaged and productive, and operations strategy must evolve to grow the company.

That’s where the fleet manager comes in.

This person is responsible for the management of the company’s motor pool and equipment, plus transportation operations. This includes making sure the company has enough vehicles, ensuring each vehicle is working properly, and tracking fleet-related data.

Fleet managers are also responsible for finding ways to improve the fleet’s efficiency and profitability, following transport laws, maintaining good morale, and a variety of other related tasks.

Importance of fleet management

Fleet managers in the city of Columbus OH are crucial because they keep operations running smoothly. Broken-down vehicles can cost the business time and money, as well as affect employees’ ability to complete their job. By ensuring employees have the vehicles and equipment needed to get the job done with quality and in a timely manner, the fleet manager impacts the success of the team and the satisfaction of the customer.

Job responsibilities

Locating & GIS

As a fleet manager in the city of Columbus, Ohio, you will be responsible for a variety of tasks to ensure the fleet remains up and running. This involves managing the maintenance for all vehicles in the fleet, including scheduling maintenance and keeping data records of service. You will also be responsible for acquiring more vehicles when needed, making sure all vehicles are registered and licensed, and keeping track of where in the state vehicles and drivers are located.

Equipment and team

Duties include:

Vehicles: It’s your job to purchase and maintain vehicles and equipment, and well as determine whether to lease or buy equipment. You’ll also be responsible for registering and licensing each vehicle in the motor pool.

Maintenance management: You’ll ensure operational efficiency by scheduling regular maintenance, and doing so during strict timeframes in order to minimize downtime and maintain schedules. You’ll also keep detailed records of fleet status, servicing history, and inspection data.

Tracking: You’ll be responsible for tracking vehicles and monitoring drivers with the help of GPS systems. 


Duties include:

Operations: You’ll be in charge of overseeing shop operations.

Profit: Support the company’s financial efforts by discovering ways to reduce costs and maximize profits.

Efficiency: Develop strategies for making the fleet more fuel-efficient.

Tools: Part of your role will be to manage and maintain a tracking system of tools.

Compliance: You’ll be responsible for complying with the U.S. Department of Transport laws and regulations.

Travel: Some travel may be necessary to help support West Virginia.


Emergency Restoration

Certain experience and skills will help you succeed when working in fleet management in the city of Columbus, Ohio. A background in logistics, transportation, construction or mechanics will help you understand the vehicles and equipment you’re in charge of and aid in determining the fleet’s status and needs. Skills in organization, communication, and multitasking will help you engage your diesel technicians and keep operations running smoothly.


Beneficial experience to have as you search for a job as a fleet manager includes:

Logistics: It’s helpful to have two or more years of experience in a logistics management role.

Mechanics: Having a mechanic background with experience in heavy machinery and diesel trucks will help you in this management role.

Transportation: Experience in the construction industry or transportation industry will help you understand the needs of the company, employees and fleets


Skills that will help you succeed in this management role include:

Organization: Outstanding organizational skills will be crucial, especially when balancing various schedules and tasks.

Problem-solving: Having an analytical mindset and problem-solving skills will help you manage the fleet.

Attention to detail: Being detail-oriented is important, especially when managing data and schedules.

Communication: Exceptional written and verbal communication skills, as well as interpersonal skills, are necessary when working with a group. 

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