Company Profile

Total Solutions in Telecommunications, Utility and Systems Integration

Gudenkauf Corporation is a diversified telecommunications, utility and systems integration solution provider with the personnel, equipment, expertise and experience to deliver even in the toughest and most complicated conditions.

Gudenkauf Corporation was founded by Jeff Gudenkauf in 1977 as a telecommunications contractor focusing on Outside Plant Construction. Jeff found immediate success and began to grow quickly by building a reputation of quality performance and superior customer satisfaction. In the years since Gudenkauf has experienced steady growth and has added two branch offices, and many new services, but has never lost sight of the most important aspect of our business: The relationships we have with our customers.

Our adaptability to market conditions and industry changes has been a hallmark to our success. We have grown and remained stable through some of the toughest economic times and have stayed focused and humble during the best of economic times. What was once a small telecommunications contractor is now a full-service end-to-end solutions provider capable of many disciplines across many different technologies and industries.

Our skills extend beyond the typical “contractor”. Our operational divisions work in unison resulting in a corporate culture that exhibits cooperation and commitment to excellence. As a result, every project at Gudenkauf is approached with the same professionalism and total responsibility to our customers.

We are not the biggest company and nor are we the smallest, but we are confident that our personnel are among the best and brightest. Our years of experience and constant motivation to make our company better have rewarded us with an optimistic attitude. We simply believe that no one is better at serving your technology or utility needs than Gudenkauf Corporation.