Utility Locating

utility-locatingIt can be a challenge to maintain the integrity of an underground utility. Gudenkauf Corporation offers services in this important field. We have the equipment and personnel necessary to respond and locate any underground utility.

utility-site-auditOver the life of a building or within campus environments owners often lose important information about the location of their underground utilities. Often new or upgraded utilities are added and they are left with lines criss-crossing their property and no one who knows exactly where they are located.


ground-penetrating-radarGudenkauf Corporation can solve this problem by performing a site audit of all your utility routes and building entrances into your facility or throughout your entire campus. This service is performed by visiting your facility, locating and recording the location of all your underground utilities and returning to you an audit of your utilities complete with CAD drawings and digital images. This information can prove to be crucial in protecting your facility and reducing your liability.