Fiber to the Premises

fiber-to-the-premisesWith an abundance of backbone fiber optic cable throughout the U.S. there is untapped bandwidth. This bandwidth contained in the fiber is going to waste because all the mediums that carry the information to the fiber, like coax, copper or wireless, do not transfer the quantity of data as quickly to the fiber. The only way to tap into this bandwidth is to extend the fiber network to the end user.

This connecting of the last mile of fiber is at the heart of the Fiber to the Premises (FTTP) and the Fiber to the Home (FTTH) concept. By extending fiber to the end user there are no bottlenecks of information caused by mediums of differing bandwidth. Without this bottleneck the speed of data transfer increases dramatically. In a FTTP world there are the possibilities of lightning fast triple play services of bundled cable TV, internet and phone all over one line.

As more and more carriers extend their fiber network to the end user, Gudenkauf Corporation is poised to make that connection. Our technicians are trained on the latest FTTP and FTTH technologies. We offer the optimum package of a diversified contractor to deliver this service. We are large enough to have the necessary resources yet small enough to have the mobility to react and get the job done.